University of Michigan Medical School
"White Coat Blues" Forum

This site is for the purpose of:

1) Sharing your personal struggles

2) Reporting incidents of student "mistreatment"

1) Sharing your personal struggles

This site is provided to allow medical students to express any concerns, frustrations, and anxieties they may be experiencing during their medical school years in blinded format. The identity of the posting student is hidden from view of faculty, administrators, and fellow students.  Many students experience periods of intense anxiety or depression but are hesitant to seek help. This forum is an additional resource for such individuals. Please note that THIS IS NOT A CRISIS INTERVENTION PROGRAM!

Comments will be reviewed at regular intervals (most days per week) by a designated physician in the Department of Psychiatry who may respond to the student if appropriate. The psychiatrist is blinded from knowing the identity of the posting student.

Students have the option of sharing their comments and responses with fellow students in the Forum (public view) or restricting their exchanges privately to the psychiatrist. For all posts (public or private), the identity of the poster is not displayed.

THIS IS NOT A CRISIS INTERVENTION PROGRAM! Emergent issues should be directed immediately to available services: UM ER psych @ 936-5900, or during workdays at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) @ 764-8312 or Medical Student Psychiatric Services @ 763-4215.

2) Reporting incidents of student "mistreatment"

Mistreatment of students can take on many forms ( e.g. verbal abuse, humiliation, physical abuse, racial or gender bias). Such behavious is unacceptable and should be reported to the clerkship director, class counselor, or main campus Ombuds - This site is offered as altertnative to avoid generating any possible recriminations directed toward the reporting student, reports of such unacceptable behavior will be treated with full confidentiality and held in a private file to be shared with the administration at a later date after the graduation of the reporter's class if the student so chooses.

The follow resources are available to medical students only:



In the unlikely event that comments by a particular student poster suggest imminent danger, the psychiatrist may invoke a crisis process allowing the Assistant Dean of Student Services , Office of Medical Student Education to obtain the identity of the at-risk student for immediate assistance.

If you are having problems accessing the site, please email